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There are many ways to go mad
I go out to Rome
With a rock in my fist and a gun in my bag
And I shoot Mussolini in the nose
I didn't shoot to skim the skin of his snout
Or his teeth or the lips on his mouth
I simply saw a bad egg and I thought
I'd take the bad egg out
Sure hope USPS decides to show up for the first time in three days. They're holding my deliveries hostage.
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In many areas the USPS is now allowed to to deliver first class mail (this includes media mail) 3 days a week. It's a cost savings measure and impacts rural areas the most. Only deliver priority mail on some days, and deliver everything else only a few times a week.
Yeah, definitely feels like we've been put on some sort of rotation. Never gone this many days between mail before, though. Last appearance was Wednesday. (Till just now, with half of what I was hoping for. Yay!) Turns out the one other thing I've been waiting for all this week is still awaiting handoff between UPS and USPS anyway. Set alerts now so I can go back to just chilling till it's here.