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May 16, 2019
New Orleans suburbs, LA
I thought this was a cool study:
"Ultimately, we sought to explain the role of implicit learning processes in artistic cognition, or how the competition between different brain networks can lead to a more effective artistic intuition."

After reviewing past papers related to artistic cognition, Nemeth and his colleagues introduced the idea that when it comes to producing art, "less is more." More specifically, they suggested that "weaker" prefrontal circuits, which are related to executive functions (i.e., cognitive processes that allow humans to control their behavior and focus on a task at hand, such as working memory and flexible thinking), can actually lead to more effective artistic cognition. The researchers refer to this phenomenon as the Andras effect.

"For example, if a photographer can tune down her control functions and access to long-term memories, she can perceive a 'different world'; a world without expectations or past memories," Nemeth said. "We can call this intuitive photography."