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May 15, 2019
Mexico City
The agutierrezb 2019 record collection challenge

So I've decided to embark on my own personal challenge, which consists of listening every record in my collection before the end of the year. My record collection is not that big -only ~250-, but I still feel like there are a bunch of records I don't give enough attention to, while still adding more titles to my shelves.

For this reason I've set a couple of rules in order to play every record at least once before December 31st: I'll play at least one record a day, going from front to back in the way I have them sorted in my shelf. I can play a different record (i.e. Not the next one in alphabetical order) if I feel like listening to something else in any given moment, but at least one of the records I spin in the day has to be the LP in turn.

I didn't take pictures for the first two days, but I'll try to document the process from here on, so I'll be posting daily on this thread. Wish me luck!
#119: Isaac Hayes - Hot buttered soul


When I bought this record I had no idea about it's importance, nor who Hayes was. I just picked it up because I thought it was cool to find an old Mexican pressing of a Stax album, something I had never seen before. I'm glad I brought it home, since the music it holds is great, and I can totally hear Haye's influence on countless artists after him all the way to our days.