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Needles & Grooves has a very sweet member-curated Album of the Month feature that I would invite you to check out if you haven't already:

The guess threads have been a little less active lately than in earlier years, but the albums selected have been no less thrilling!
If you have an album you'd like to share with your fellow forum folk, drop me a line in the thread above. From there you can also look back at the nearly 5 years of AOTMs that have featured thus far -- and the ridiculously fun antics in most of the guess threads.
There was a paediatrician where I grew up named Dr D’Eath. He pronounced it Debt but that may have been for marketing purposes.
"Dr. Debt" sounds like a company I would call to consolidate my high interest loans and credit cards debt into one easy payment.

Or, a doctor who would cause me to wake up in an ice bath with my kidney missing if I failed to pay my deductible.