No Buy Vinyl Support Thread

Moving in the next few months, so my current plan is to not only stop buying so much vinyl but to reduce my collection from ~750 to 400 or so. Besides the cost, I find myself sometimes not playing vinyl because it's too hard too pick something out.
This is why I have various listening projects. If after a couple of listens through those various methods don’t get me in the mood to be like and now I want to listen to this and that and the other… it’s probably not a music kind of day.
This is why I have various listening projects. If after a couple of listens through those various methods don’t get me in the mood to be like and now I want to listen to this and that and the other… it’s probably not a music kind of day.
I always feel obligated to listen to my backlog first, which means hardly any of the prior records get any play. This is why I've not bought anything in a few months (mostly). I'm just about through the backlog.
Yeah backlog could dictate my listening but I won’t let it, although the to be cleaned pile has been shrinking.

To be cleaned:

To be played:

Back half needs one more play and can be shelved. Front half needs two plays before shelving:

This would be ideal state. Left quarter is to be played. Middle left needs two plays. Right middle needs one. Far right is club records (now just VMP and N&G but I have a few secretly selections in the to be cleaned pile):
Yay!!! For the folx who are doing the work and enjoying what they have and discarding what they don’t love.

My motivation behind this thread was for support! Not listing purchases but enjoying what you have and sharing with the group.

I know when I read a list of someone’s purchases, I think oh wow a sale? Oh wow I really want that in my collection. Oh wow, it won’t hurt to take a look and end up off the path.

I’m happy to see this thread hopping but let’s slow down the discussing of what’s been purchased 😊
I've been able to significantly slow down in my buying....mostly for reasons out of my control, but it has helped me accomplish the goal at least!!

I can probably count on one hand the amount of records that came into the house last year which is amazing!!!

At the time this thread was started I was just finishing my time at a second hand store with tons of credit built up so I couldn't jump right in, but over the time I have been able to slow it down a lot. I excited to be able to come here now for support when I feel the bug biting again
I've likewise been skewing toward favoring my digital collection. For a while my digital collection was relegated to my PC, car/phone and working out.

However, I integrated a NAS into my WIFI and using a Bluesound Node into my Marantz SA-KI Ruby's DAC. I can now access my ~700GB digital library on my main stereo and it's really blossomed my listening.

So, while before I would indiscriminately buy anything I was remotely interested in on physical media (vinyl or CD/SACD) I've really limited physical purchases.

As well, I'm preparing for an interstate move and my collection is packed away and don't want to add anything else. I've also been selling off a large amount of stuff I found myself not listening to and having digital duplicates (especially Hi-res versions) makes it an easier decision.

Its been about 3 months since I've bought anything. Someone mentioned something similar up thread, but being free from the cycle of cleaning, listening, and shipping woes is liberating.
besides preorders flowing through, I've only bought one album this year which is good. Its not as hard as I thought... I do sometimes look through sales but decided overall I didn't need to buy anything. The preorder thread is dangerous though... I'd suggest not looking there.
So just realised Feb finished and not totalled up

Jan £233
Feb £141

thats a good downward trend - and made it to March with some Xmas gift money in the tin still for a couple of local record fairs
So March I brought some stuff at the 1st fair of the year on the 2nd day but doesn’t count as was Xmas gift money !

But I did pre order Paul Wellers new one and finally picked up The Bends on vinyl for £20 on amazon

So total so far is £54

Let’s see if I can go lower than Febs total …
So I’ve succumbed to a bit of preordering (at Assai records to get the signed obi’s)

So the new elbow and ride released this month go on the total plus a cheap Kiss album in the sale

£78 added to the £54 in March

£132 …. But still down on Feb and Jan ….

April will have some RSD stuff so need to be a good boy the rest of the month
I'm still at just two purchases for the year. Both were artists that I'm trying to complete collections of, (Joni and Minutemen) so that made it ok in my head.
Now that I'm starting to box up my records for the family room remodel at the end of March, it's really easy to not buy. Once my 5x5 Kallax is up, I'll know roughly how many I need to PIF or sell to make room for new stuff.