What's The Least Valuable Record In Your Collection?

Oooh I like this thread. I don't know why, but I find this more interesting than the most valuable.

This is mine. CD version of Sheryl Crow Tuesday Night Music Club (fantastic album). Low of $0.15; median 1.25; high 3.00.

Least valuable (by min only) vinyl is The Family - S/T. 0.98/12.00/27.82

It is only the least valuable by minimum. It outpaces the median and maximum of the runner-up (Jeff Beck - Wired), which has stats of 0.99/5.00/15.00

EDIT: So I see there are differing methodologies. The above is filtered by min value. Filtered by max value, the results are as follows:

First up are, again, CDs:
Diddy Dirty Money - Last Train to Paris

TIED W/ (both @ $2.00)

Pilotdrift - Water Sphere

First vinyl making an appearance is

Cage - Scenester/Left It To Us 12" @ $4.15 Max


First full-length vinyl LP is, making his second appearance:
Jeff Beck - Blow by Blow @ $6.99

Great Fun!!!
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Least valuable by both median and max, from my grandfather's collection, passed down to my dad, then to me
I was certain it was going to be this gem, also from my grandfather's collection, but Herb never fails
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I have 111 that have never been so sold (and nearly all of them would be among my most valuable records in fact, as they're v rare African records) but there are the lowest with a value - some cracking records in there. Maybe that's cos I only have good records 😂

Min 1.jpgMin 2.jpg
One of Ella's most well-known performances as well! Its the show where she forgot the words to Mack The Knife and managed to scat herself through it.

I'll admit, I had to read this twice. I read it wrong the first time, which would have made for a very different performance.
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Going by Median, it's the "other" Neil.

Screen Shot 2021-03-07 at 17.31.36.png

Sorting by max value though puts the Captain & Tennille at the top, where it deserves to be on the strength of Muskrat Love alone.
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