Vinyl Me Please Rap & Hip Hop

I did not have time yesterday to copy the old guess thread before they killed the other forum but based on Storf’s Atlanta, 25th anniversary and “duo” clues we’re 99% sure it’s gonna be
Pretty excited about that choice!

gonna be a swap for me, just not my cup of tea. is it something thats expected to sell out fast ?
I already have a copy so am not super excited about the pick. Any exclusives that come with it, on the other hand, are going to be incredible.
It’s gotta be purple right? Orange got released by NC a few years back. It’ll be nice to get a new copy. My copy from 2014 sounds like straight garbage. Not sure what happened there but it’s super noisy.
Purple would be great!

My orange NC copy sounds excellent - is that the copy you are referring to?