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Jan 4, 2021
New Chautauqua
I haven’t been in there in 25+ years, wonder if things have slipped a bit? It was never a beacon of organization, mind you, but there was always a bit of method to the madness.
There was one guy who knew where anything was, stacks, boxes, buried, etc. But you had to know what you wanted or have the day to dig. I gave up after a few hours and got about 4 records if I remember.
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May 16, 2019
San Francisco, Ca
It’s been a while since I’ve posted in here…these are some fairly recent grabs.

Lorde - Solar Power


Vince Guaraldi Trio - A Boy Named Charlie Brown


Black Pumas - Capitol Cuts (Texas Edition) Looks amazing, worth the wait!


Chvrches- Screen Violence (LOVE this album)


Curtis Amy - Katanga!
Metallica - Black Album

Two cheap amazon grabs - Curtis Amy was $11 with that random coupon a few weeks back and Metallica was $8 brand new!



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May 16, 2019
London, UK
Ian Carr - Belladonna (Vertigo, 1972 First Pressing)

After years of hunting, I finally managed to get a copy of this fantastic album. In recent years it has skyrocketed in price and I just couldnt bring myself to pay silly money for it. This was an ex-library copy which I am typically weary of, but incredibly the vinyl itself has no marks at all and plays like a dream! There are stamps and stickers to the label and the sleeve looks a bit grubby, but I actually dont mind all of this when the record plays as good as it does. Super happy with it!


Mike Gibbs - Revisiting Tanglewood 63: The Early Tapes (Jazz In Britain, 2021 Limited Pressing)
Duke Ellington - The English Concert (Sunset Records,1977 UK Pressing)

The day a Jazz In Britain album arrives at my door is always exciting and I have been looking forward to this one for ages! I have the original Michael Gibbs S/T and Tanglewood records and this seems to complete the set. I haven't had a chance to listen yet but the package is great, with a thick gatefold of liner notes and photos. The Duke Ellington is a find from a new charity shop that opened up down the road.


Dexter Gordon - One Flight Up (Blue Note, 2021 Tone Poet Pressing)
Sonny Clark - My Conception (Blue Note, 2021 Tone Poet Pressing)
McCoy Tyner - Expansions (Blue Note, 2021 Tone Poet Pressing)

When the Tone Poets first came out I was able to pick all of them up well under their RRP but by the point that Herbie Hancock's 'The Prisoner' was released there were delays and since then the deals just don't seem to be readily available. This week I got lucky-ish and managed to get these under the RRP (not the cheapest but still ok). Really looking forward to these, especially the Sonny Clark.


Alan Shorter - Orgasm (Verve Records, 2021 Vinyl Me Please Exclusive Pressing)
Medeski Martin & Wood - Uninvisible (Blue Note, 2021 Vinyl Me Please Exclusive Pressing)

A couple of fantastic looking VMP records arrived as well. I have streamed them both a few times now and really enjoyed them, especially as I am relatively unfamiliar with both of them.


World Galaxy Magazine from We Jazz - Issue 1
Tubby Hayes - 200% Proof (Master Mix, 1992 First Cassette)

A few extra oddities. The World Galaxy Magazine has some fantastic articles and photos (including lots of posters) on Alice Coltrane, Sun Ra, etc. The Tubby Hayes was only released on CD and cassette (the cassette isn't even on Discogs) and was recorded for the BBC 25th, July 1969. I was actually chatting to John Thurlow (from Jazz In Britain) about it as he has a copy that the late Ron Matthewson (the bassist) gave him. I have seen it before but never knew that it wasn't reissued. As it happens there was a single copy of this cassette of Ebay so I managed to snag that quick.



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May 16, 2019


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May 15, 2019
Under the Cherry Moon
Alice Cooper - Welcome to my Nightmare (Rhino 2021 reissue)
Metallica - S/T (didn't realize the reissue is a Bellman/Pallas joint)
Thomas Dolby - Blinded by Science mini-lp (a PIF from a friend, I love "One of our Submarines")
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Latest shipment from Last Night From Glasgow
Sister John - I Am By Day
Life Model - Lost On Weekends
Trashcan Sinatras - I've Seen Everything reissue
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Great LNFG releases this time around