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Did anyone else get invited to a half hour interview with the Discogs UX team? If not and you want me to raise any specifics with them I'll have a one on one call with them next Tuesday.
"why do you add a bunch of stuff no one wants and refuse to add things that people need and have asked for? why can't i exclude countries from my wishlist? why can i only have one wishlist? why is the wantlist feature completely fucking useless? why can't I set a maximum for wantlist items, did it not occur to you that i might want a record but not want to see offers over a set amount? why did you start taking a percentage of the shipping, are you just greedy fucks or was part of it being too stupid to realize that folks would leave in droves? what are you doing about scammers other than like 'thoughts and prayers guys, good luck!', are you doing anything to stop it?"

also throw in that their app sucks ass and the only reason people use it (and the site) is because of inertia, not because their product is good.

in conclusion, they are bad and they should feel bad, thank you for coming to my TED talk
PS why can't I stay logged into my fucking app?

In the video, but they changed authentication providers and yada yada still fukokta and were working on it.

Other highlights:
- they all work from home
- moving the database to the cloud with AWS
- have 104 employees
- Lloyd Starr is a backer of VMP's pressing plant and still smarmy as ever.
- no one asked good questions
- working on wantlist
- may go back to in house payments and/or add payment options in addition to paypal
I watched this at work over the last couple nights - talk about a bunch of nothing actually said. "We have so many plans, for much later in the future". Discogs seems to be attempting to change their brand a bit, but when the database is the backbone of the site, they need to work on fixing it more than doing interviews....maybe get some people that can write code, listen to the people that contribute, and implement some ideas that have been asked for for years.

But no - the want list of all things is the priority.

I still have a hard time taking this NTX guy seriously because he thought obi means outer band insert.
Turns out there IS something more annoying than not receiving your full order...

Being forced to pay taxes on the full order when it enters the country only to learn 2 of the 10 items, one of which is one of the more expensive pieces, aren't actually in the box!

I have confidence the seller will make it right -- hopefully by shipping the missing pieces on their dime, but damned if this one doesn't chafe a bit...