What's The Most Valuable Record In Your Collection?

Not much has changed in my top 10 since the last time I posted.

Sorted by Median value...a couple CD box sets are in there, too.


Looks like I finally went over 3000 LP's with the last few packages...
Annotation 2019-05-16 074217.jpg

The Top 12 -
Annotation 2019-05-16 075724.jpg

The best score of all of those was the The Sonics ‎– Introducing The Sonics - best 4 bucks I've spent on a record. (mine isn't in the best shape to get close to these values, tho)
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Can't post screen caps because they don't turn up often but it's gotta be my Tally Hall-and-adjacent stuff. Admittedly I was one of the suckers who actually paid the going rate but for how much they mean to me I don't care. At any rate someone's trying to flog Hawaii: Part II for $561 on Discogs right now. I don't suspect he'll get it, but I'm glad that the Kickstarter happened and that I was able to get it then.
Apparently Rihanna's Anti is my most valuable non-box set record now (median $100).. Did that go out of print or something?

Top 10 (non box set)
1.) Rihanna - Anti
2.) Coldplay - Parachutes (B&N exclusive)
3.) Rodriguez - Searching for Sugar Man soundtrack
4.) Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks Mofi
5.) Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie
6.) My Chemical Romance - Black Parade (Hot Topic Exclusive)
7.) Queen - Night at the Opera (VMP)
8.) Ryan Adams - Love is Hell Mofi (eww)
9.) Bobs Burgers Album Box (B&N Exclusive)
10.) Albert Hammond Jr. - Yours To Keep (RSD exclusive... thanks to @Kris for picking this one up for me)
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Mine was Blond then I had to sell it for $285 (after a year of spinning it once a week), but after I got Margot and The Nuclear So and Sos Bride on The Box Car for a cool 150.....One is for sale for 237.50, but most are 350 and up to 500.

My highest single LP would be Young Thug Jefferey. I believe it goes $150 for the VMP edition on Ebay and Discogs. Although it is out of stock at the moment so I guess I could set the bar at 175!!!!!!!
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Sorted by Med. value. Prices in Mexican Pesos (1 USD= 19 MXN), so dont freak out.

Its fun to see which records are close to what I paid for them, and which are pretty far.
Out of those in this image, I payed less than 2/3 for the Coltrane boxset and the 2 MM (Shorter and Mobley), and I think those are the closest ones. I payed way way less than the Discogs Med price for the rest.
Lots of records here I probably could never let go of just for nostalgia sake. Although I have been seriously considering selling off the Pinkerton box set for a MOFI edition, I never listen to any of the 3 LPs of bonus material anyways, I'd much rather have a single LP copy that probably sounds much better than the one included in the box.

Also... First Post :cool: