Hot Take/ Musical Confession Thread!

I lived in a small town and the county actually banned MTV from the basic cable package, which is all my parents would pay for. You could get it if you had a satellite. When we moved my sophomore year of high school, we had MTV, but I wasn’t allowed to watch it until my junior year, and even then I was limited to a couple shows. My parents were pretty hardcore Catholic so I was also listening to a lot of albums on headphones.
My parents were pretty hardcore Catholic so I was also listening to a lot of albums on headphones.

This reminded me... funny story, the first CD i ever bought was Busta Rhymes - The Coming. I must have been like 12. I did not have a portable CD player when i was that age (just a walkman) so I popped it on our family boombox in our living room and if you're familiar with the Lord Have Mercy monologue in the beginning - this part came on:

My mom ran in and made me shut it off and return it. But my friend dubbed me a tape copy from his CD as well as a bunch of other rap from that era. I did get another copy eventually (after I got a Discman).

I don’t get the love for Chet Baker. Like he’s nice and all but I’m not an 80 year old lady who drinks martinis and smokes cigarettes with a holder while wearing a mink.
I used to think he was kinda cheesy and just lame honestly, I think things started shifting for me when I learned more about his story and the environments in which the music he was making was coming out of.

In reality he was a seriously tormented and challenged guy who created a lot of problems for himself repeatedly and yet his music at first glance portrays a cheery lovey dovey character who kind of came off as the white music industry’s response to Miles Davis. Like a mid century Justin Bieber industry plant or something. Then upon further observation you start picking up on that pain he carried, that darkness he harbored, and once I heard it I couldn’t shake it and now his music is some of my most visited, especially the singing stuff.

I think his musics really haunting. Especially hearing him singing something like “Everything Happens To Me” cause it’s kind of absurd and ironic and accurate?