Fresh Grabs

Gary Bartz - Another Earth (Milestone, 2024 Vinyl Me Please Classics Pressing)
Gordon Beck Trio - Gyroscope (Morgan, 1969 First Pressing)
Vic Lewis And His Bossa Nova All Stars - Vic Lewis Plays Bossa Nova At Home And Away (His Master's Voice, 1963 First Pressing)
Cool Music For A Hot Night (Tempo Records, 1957 First Mono Pressing)

I've been away for a few weeks and had some pretty amazing records to come back to. Gyroscope has been on my wantlist for ages and was one of my big aims to find this year, so I am over the moon with it! The Vic Lewis is another oddity (with an all-star lineup of American and British jazz musicians) and quite a rarity. Cool Music For A Hot Night is also pretty damn tricky to find and when I put a bid in for this copy I wasn't expecting to win it, but I did. I have another copy that isn't quite in this good of a condition so it's a welcome upgrade. Finally, my most anticipated Classics for quite a while, I can't wait to listen to this Gary Bartz album!


Phil Seamen Trio - Phil Seamen Meets Eddie Gomez (Saga, 1968 First Pressing)
Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated - R & B From The Marquee (Ace Of Clubs, 1962 First Mono Pressing)
Tommy Smith - Taking Off! (Head Records, 1984 First Pressing)
60 Years of Jazz in Croydon and Beyond: 1930s - 1990s by Ian King and John Rickard

Another pile of amazing British jazz (and blues) records and an obscure jazz book to throw in the mix as well!

I have hardly been home the last few Months so i've been organizing and cleaning everything recently.. This is a good chunk of what i've gotten the last few Months. Got a sexy new tv and receiver coming as well so I need to chill tf out for awhile after seeing all this though! 🫣

Escape From New York 4k Deluxe box with the 7".. I have nearly all the others in this line so I figured why not during the last Shout sale?

I have been meaning to buy Lauryn's stuff for quite some time now and she recently had a sale where they were $5 each Signed with cheap shipping so I jumped at that and she still threw in a signed flyer along with a Poster as well for free.

Got the Deer Tick on ebay along with one of the first "Wishlist" items I ever had on Discogs! The Dr. Demento box set and was still sealed for about $40so i'm excited to go through all those volumes again as it's been quite some time.


I had lasted 3-4 Years since buying anything directly from VMP but that last Sale was just simply toooo good .. The only non-sale album I got was LA The Darkman which I had no idea was even getting reissued (easily among the best Wu affiliate albums imo) and it came with Freddy Krueger esque slashes along the bottom but to there credit they had a new one sent out immediately so at least there Customer Service still seems awesome.


The Bobbyteens sounded better on vinyl then I expected and was pressed at 45rpm and even had surprise signatures on the back!

Then some other signed stuff of albums I already really liked. It's been seeming like more deals are popping up lately again which has been a very welcome site with so many insane prices.


Here's hands down the most ridiculous vinyl album I ever bought but thankfully it was done extremely well imo and I don't regret it at all even though I doubt i'll be buying anymore like this haha.. Aesop never disappoints, simple as that.