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May 15, 2019
2 more episodes and I'll finally be able to watch this show.

Trent Reznor And Atticus Ross ‎– Watchmen: Vol. 02 (Music From The HBO Series)
The Null Corporation ‎– NULL-10V2, 2019

Cut by Chris Bellman
Pressed at Pallas



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May 16, 2019
Oklahoma City
Poison the Well - The Opposite of December

I cannot believe that I found this. One of the first Hardcore bands I got into. Just randomly sitting in a special black friday crate of used records my local shop had stored in the back room. It's pretty hard to find in the wild. It was only released on vinyl overseas. I'm just so surprised that no one picked it up.

Frail Body - A Brief Memoriam

Newish Screamo band. Got to see them open up for Jerome's Dream this past summer.


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May 15, 2019
Mexico City
The agutierrezb 2019 record collection challenge

So I've decided to embark on my own personal challenge, which consists of listening every record in my collection before the end of the year. My record collection is not that big -only ~250-, but I still feel like there are a bunch of records I don't give enough attention to, while still adding more titles to my shelves.

For this reason I've set a couple of rules in order to play every record at least once before December 31st: I'll play at least one record a day, going from front to back in the way I have them sorted in my shelf. I can play a different record (i.e. Not the next one in alphabetical order) if I feel like listening to something else in any given moment, but at least one of the records I spin in the day has to be the LP in turn.

I didn't take pictures for the first two days, but I'll try to document the process from here on, so I'll be posting daily on this thread. Wish me luck!
#117: Jim Hall - Concierto


Jim Hall, Paul Desmond, Chet Maker, Ron Carter, Steve Gadd and Roland Hanna, that's all I'll say. Oh yeah, that, and also that Desmond's tone and melodic creativity was out of this world (I said I would say that every time I played a record where he performed, and I think I have kept my word so far).