Pre-Order Thread


Honestly had no idea if this was a new album or re-issue. I have no idea how to distinguish between their album covers.

To confirm, it's new, and neither the band nor the label mentioned this exclusive in the pre-order announcements.

It took me a second to confirm this wasn't the indie exclusive (crystal clear) because, yes, the band def has a preferred color theme!
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Love that it includes the slip box. I'm passing but it's cool

And every order gets stupid shipping. $12 cheapest? My dudes. I’ll pay it, but still…

Weird mine was $8.37 media mail?

A bunch of new and old Dispatch albums including signed copies of Live from the Boston Woods (which is annoying because I want that but am not doubling up)

Cc as always @scotthilk
Was just thinking about how I wanted to get that One Fell Swoop, prices seem higher than last time though
New Cloud Nothings

Going to wait on this one since they've been very hit or miss lately

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yea, i remember when life without sound came out, that album was kinda underwhelming.

saw cloud nothings live in October last year though, their set was super tight!!!