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I bit on the two Makayas.
This seems like the most reasonable thread to put this in besides Paladin, where it's already posted... the prices are certainly a deal.

I've heard some horror stories on here about SST's customer service, but not once have I ever heard a complaint about @Ethos99's customer service, so perhaps we have a solution in the making! Paladin Vinyl is now dealing directly with SST. There is a required order volume, so this form is an opportunity to collect co-buyers, as well as gauge interest for possible additions to the Paladin catalogue.

A few notes:
  • This list does not include the Screaming Trees already on order.
  • There are some other bands available, but this is what I've got to work with so far, so it'll get us started.
  • Please only answer Definitely if you are absolutely committed to picking up a copy from @Ethos99!
  • Probably and Maybe do not guarantee @Ethos99 will pick up the titles, but will help gauge demand.
  • You do not have to answer for every album listed, but you're certainly welcome to if you want.

Just snagged Soulville myself! Inadvertently found out by visiting the uDiscover shop that Bobby Hutcherson's Happenings is one of the April BN Classic titles. Awesome. They are on fire with that series in '24. Preorders exempt from the code, but I'll wait.

The 30% code only works once per email, but a cool little Gmail trick is you can insert a period anywhere in the address - registers as a different email, still goes to your inbox.