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I cancelled my previous club subscription in favor of this one. They seem to have a pretty cool model as far as payment is concerned and it works well with my budget for the next few years or so.

Anyway, does anyone want to share their experience with this company? Also, this can be used as a hype thread for their future ROTMs.
One thing I'd love to see from them is more Classic picks. With the exception of Storf getting some through, VMP isnt big on Country and even when they do they are mostly new releases or exclusives or an exclusive of a wider release reissue (The Loretta albums are a notable and welcome exception). Magnolia is also almost exclusively new releases
I love the country/americana/folk genre but alot of older albums havent been pressed in awhile or ever and I wish Magnolia would integrate this more into their sub or do it as a separate add on since it seems like Vinyl Me Pardner is essentially dead.
Didn't they do the newest Needtobreathe acoustic album? Weird, considering they're a Christian band. A rather good one tho
Yeah, I got the feeling from that album that this is not necessarily the case anymore. The album last month, Pep Talks by Jonah and the Lion, was from a former CCM Band too.

Drew Holcomb, the founder of the club and former only curator, is Christian.