I Don't Know Them: The June 2024 Vinyl Challenge Thread

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Welcome to the June 2024 Vinyl Challenge, Dahlings! Today's theme will be centred around vocal powerhouse & the Queen of Christmas herself, Mariah Carey! or more specifically, every top 10 hit she's achieved on Billboard's Hot 100 chart (because she & I are both obsessive chart nerds). You can play a record either inspired by the prompt I've laid out or inspired by the song itself. Whichever way you decide to go, I hope you have fun!

Day 1: Vision of Love
Mariah’s debut single, and a hit right out of the park! play a debut record

Day 2: Love Takes Time
A last-minute addition to the album. So last minute that it wasn’t listed on some early pressings. play an album with a hidden or bonus track

Day 3: Someday
a song Mariah has since somewhat disavowed because she feels it was overproduced. play a record you feel is overproduced

Day 4: I Don’t Wanna Cry
another #1 from that first album Mariah isn't too fond of, this time because of conflicts with the song's producer Narada Michael Walden during recording. play a record beset by production troubles.

Day 5: Emotions
the titular first single from Mariah’s 2nd album and her 5th #1 hit in a row, making her the only artist to chart her first 5 hits at #1! play a record that avoided the “sophomore slump”

Day 6: Can’t Let Go
the 2nd single from her 2nd album & her first to not reach #1, peaking at #2. now play an actual “sophomore slump”

Day 7: Make It Happen
a great gospel-influenced house-R&B banger. play something holy or uplifting.

Day 8: I’ll Be There
a cover of the Jackson 5 hit, performed on her MTV Unplugged special. play a live record.

Day 9: Dreamlover
the first single where Mariah had creative control over remixing her songs. Play a remixed record (or a remix album)

Day 10: Hero
one of Mariah's most performed songs live, due to the personal connection many of her fans have to the lyrics. play a record of great sentimental value to you

Day 11: Without You
a cover of the Badfinger song that Nilsson hit #1 with in 1972. play a cover song (or a covers album)

Day 12: Never Forget You
a double-sided hit with “Without You” thanks to substantial-enough radio play. Play a b-side or a deep cut

Day 13: Endless Love
a duet with fellow legend Luther Vandross. play a duet or collab record

Day 14: Fantasy
her first foray into hip-hop sounds, collaborating with P. Rison & the 🐐 ODB on the superior remix. Play a hip-hop or hip-hop inspired record

Day 15: One Sweet Day
a smash ballad dedicated to Mariah’s former collaborator David Cole, Boyz II Men’s road manager Khalil & the victims of the AIDS epidemic. play a record dedicated to a loved one (whether by the artist or by yourself)

Day 16: Always Be My Baby
a song that's often been acclaimed as one of her best but doesn't really do anything for me. on the flip side, play a record you love that not many other people seem to like (from your pov)

Day 17: Forever
this song made #9 on Billboard’s airplay chart, but didn’t chart on the Hot 100 thanks to Billboard’s idiotic rules on radio-only hits then. play a record or artist you first heard through the radio

Day 18: Honey
the first song/video to present a sexier image of Mariah as she would soon be free from the constraints she faced under her label boss/ex-husband Tommy Mottola. play a record that accompanied an image change.

Day 19: My All
a song inspired by her affair with Derek Jeter, specifically a rendezvous they had in Puerto Rico. play something romantic.

Day 20: I Still Believe
from her first… “greatest hits” album, this song was originally a top 20 hit in 1988 for Brenda K. Starr who Mariah sang backing vocals for around that time and was added onto that comp as a homage. play a greatest hits record (or some great hits if you’re anti-greatest hits)

Day 21: Heartbreaker
the most expensive music video Mariah's ever made (and imagine how much more expensive it would've been had Jay-Z been allowed to appear). play a record that either broke the bank for you or could break someone else's bank if you decided to sell it (something expensive, basically)

Day 22: Thank God I Found You
the original version of this song is unremarkable, but I like how they turn the remix into almost a cover of Keith Sweat's "Make It Last Forever". play a record that samples/borrows/steals from another piece of work (the more obvious, the better!)

Day 23: Loverboy
from the soundtrack of her cinematic masterpiece "Glitter"! ...I can't believe I was able to type that with a straight face. :ROFLMAO: play a soundtrack album (or a record featuring a song from a movie)

Day 24: I Know What You Want
this Busta Rhymes/Flipmode Squad collab marked Mariah's first appearance in the Hot 100 top 10, top 40 and top 80 for the first time in almost two years and her first top 5 pop radio hit since *looks up on wiki...* 1996?! ...anyway, play a record released after a long hiatus

Day 25: We Belong Together
her big comeback hit & the biggest (non-holiday) hit of her career on the Hot 100! play a record considered a comeback or return to form for the artist

Day 26: Shake It Off
the Calgon commercial reference is the lyric that stands out the most to me on this song. play a record you heard in a commercial or something that sounds like it could be in a commercial

Day 27: Don’t Forget About Us
the Mariah hit I’d once considered the most forgettable until about a few months ago when it finally clicked for me. play a record you consider ‘unforgettable’ (for better or worse, or both!)

Day 28: Touch My Body
20 years into her career and still putting out #1 hits, not something many other artists achieve. play a great late-career record.

Day 29: Obsessed
a diss track against Eminem who repeatedly claimed that he & Mariah had a brief relationship sometime in the early 00s. play a diss record or just a record about another person.

Day 30: All I Want For Christmas Is You
a recurring holiday favourite (or recurring holiday annoyance, depending on your mood during the holiday season). play something festive or winter-y

(still working on the prompts since procrastination is my favourite sport; they'll be done soon)
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RIP J-Lo's new album greatest hits concert tour

Mariah Carey saying the phrase I don't know her while smiling and shaking her head.
Day 01: Vision of Love
Mariah’s debut single, and a hit right out of the park! play a debut record

The Clash - The Clash

Recently added an original US pressing of The Clash’s self-titled debut to my collection. I will say I had only listened to digital files of the UK version of this album prior to popping this on the turntable and I think by incorporating a few of the UK non-album singles to the US version makes the US version superior to the original UK version.
Day 1: Vision of Love


I was introduced to Mariah through her guest appearance on The Proud Family when I was a kid. Her debut album was the only one my mom had on CD so that album was my intro to her music, and this was the opening track. A smash hit out of the gate & an influence for many other great female singers that came after Mariah (Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera & Beyoncé just to name a few).

Here’s an ad from Billboard the week ending May 19th 1990, around the time the single was released:

Image 2024-06-01 at 10.48 AM.jpeg

Anyway, here’s my pick for today…

Charlotte Day Wilson - ALPHA

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Day 1: Vision of Love
Mariah’s debut single, and a hit right out of the park! play a debut record

Florence + the Machine - Lungs

In honor of this month's inspiration, I'm playing the debut from another singer with a killer set of pipes.

Day 2: Love Takes Time
A last-minute addition to the album. So last minute that it wasn’t listed on some early pressings. play an album with a hidden or bonus track

This record hit #1 in every charted country on the face of the earth upon its release with the exception of Japan where it stalled at #3.

The first ever hidden track...

The Beatles - Abbey Road

Day 2: Love Takes Time
Play an album with a hidden or bonus track

This release has a bonus track of a live cover of the Metallica song "One" from 2003's MTV Icon: Metallica

Track D2 ends in a silent locked groove. Track D3 is only accessible by manually placing the needle at the start of the track due to the locked groove and grooveless gap at the end of Track D2.

Korn – Take A Look In The Mirror
Epic/Immortal Records – 19075843991, 2003/2018

Pressed at MRP/GZ



Day 2: Love Takes Time
A last-minute addition to the album. So last minute that it wasn’t listed on some early pressings. play an album with a hidden or bonus track

Manic Street Preachers – Send Away The Tigers

Track 10 includes a "hidden" track. Winterlovers finishes at 3:06, after a 40 seconds of silent comes the bonus track "Working Class Hero".

Day 2: Love Takes Time

Image 1.jpeg

Mariah recorded this song as her debut album was already thought of as completed & being processed for release, but when she played it for Columbia’s then-president Don Ienner, he insisted that the song be included on the album. It was then released as the 2nd single & became the biggest hit on the album. Pretty damn good for a song that was included at the literal last minute.

Here’s an ad from Radio & Records from the week of the single’s release:

Image 2024-06-01 at 10.59 PM.jpeg

Anyway, here’s my pick for today…

Durand Jones - Wait Til I Get Over


The final track “Secrets” is only listed in the booklet & even then it’s kept very hidden (it’s listed in dark grey text that almost blends in with the black background).