Hip Hop

Yeah this Copy Cool beat is beautiful and I prefer it to Copy Cold.

I think @Jonathan Y was right about the Pardon beat. I don't know how it's possible but I may prefer it over Padon.

And again, Bon Bagay is so damn fireView attachment 204162
Yeaaaa man. Im not even being impartial cuz they're the vinyl only versions. That Kanye sample from Pardon just smacks me everytime. Maybe its nostalgia

Agree also. Someone in the VMP discord said I was nuts but August freaked Copy Cool. Quelle version is more polished but I don't care. The Fanon version works better especially during the hook breakdown
some copies back in stock

Bas seems to be shutting down his real store next week, il be keeping an eye on the website to see what else appears in stock there
Looks like they dropped this a day early…

Picked up these from hhv with another 10% off that they got goin right now.