Hip Hop

Hello everyone!

Came to plug my friends new video. If you would leave a comment or like on the video it would be greatly appreciated 😁✨ (Also be sure to check out their other songs!)

I'll also leave you with a Spotify playlist I made with (what I think are) the best songs they've put out. Still in progress, I need to update it a little bit more.

And this is the setlist they played at my photo exhibition (hand picked by me)🙏

Hope you like it. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated too.
Bon Bagay is real nice. Makes up for no Sur le Pont. Not mad about swapping out Roc Marciano for Fahim on Antonomasia/Sobriquet. The beat switch on Copy Cold isn't extreme. Both are nice. I prefer Padon to Pardon, but I'm lazy and more likely going to listen to streaming more, so it's cool that Padon is digital. Vinyl flows nicer IMO.

edit: last time I tried to play a flexi on my turntable, it was a disaster, but I'll give it a shot anyway
Have u spun it yet? Apparently the low-end sucks...Like there is hardly any bass.

Mine comes Monday
I will preface that my speaker setup is pure ass.

But yeah first thing I noticed is that the bass is quite lacking. On my shit setup I turned the sub quite a bit higher than it was previously at and still not punching where others I have were.

Edit: I'll add to this. The bass is a bit louder on second song now - Numbers on the board)
I absolutely love his reviews. Waiting on his Slant Faced Killah one too.
Yeah I like some of the reviews I've seen of his for the most part but i don't know about some of his takes on artists or verses that may not be as lyrical or as complex as what Mach can do. Maybe it's just a standard he has to keep up for his channel or something but he seems to struggle with understanding or appreciating more straight forward approaches from emcees.

I think I even remember him being really disappointed in a Scarface verse because Face was more straight forward and focused on getting across a message rather than being super lyrical or doing multisyllabic rhyming and stuff.

Not a big deal really it's just something I have to keep in mind when watching his reviews. He's definitely one of the best I've seen at making sense of Mach's style and writing though.

And I'll argue him to the death that "the rag top ain't have no power-steering so I had to fight for that lane" is definitely the hardest line in that "Antonomasia" track 😄😄
Posted this in the wrong thread this morning lol. Black left.

Faith is a Rock vinyl

Finally got my #RICHAXXHAITIAN CD today and haven't been able to turn it off. Love this version of the album but wouldnt be mad if Mach pressed physicals of the digital version too. I need that. 2 different experiences and I love them both.

The Roc verses and the Padon beat are too good.

Bon Bagay is fire.

Album is incredible either way. Mach is unreal. YiDVdfR.png
My NK5 remixes arrived today. Excited about that one. Youve had yours for a while now, as good as expected ?
Different than expected and possibly better. I still need to sit with it though. I haven't really been able to give it the full focus that I want to with all of these great projects dropping and coming in right now.

Excited to hear what everybody else thinks about it though