Hip Hop


Hit purchase so fast when I saw the email from Empire for the Gibbs - YOL2 repress. Kinda like the HHV color and at least would have purchased from GOD for the cheaper shipping, but I was way too excited when I saw it lol.

Now just need to get my hands on Shadow of a Doubt.
Real Bad Man & Lukah??? Yes please!
RBM is staying away from RRC, for some unknown reason Blah over here have started using him for Black Josh's and Lee Scotts live on the sofa version of his latest and Im passing on that as they aint getting a penny from me.
Old soul (Is that LOranges label?) just sent me the album BC link. 29th of March is a day to look forward to.
I wasnt sure if it was official or not. I grabbed one for fun.
i recently sold a couple of Mach 7"s (the SNL bonus and the DJ Preservation bonus disc) so I convinced myself i am no longer buying them lol

I sat and watched it go from 7 remaining to 1 today....got nervous, got FOMO, then when i was about to crack someone got it lol