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May 16, 2019
More Conway pic discs announced for next month:
Black Tape, Devil's Reject, and More Steroids.

Why pic discs? I can't stand the terrible poly sleeves those things come in.
Also why repress More Steroids instead of the superior and more sought after Reject on Steroids? Come on DRW.....


Can't lie pic discs suck but I've been waiting a long time for Devil's Reject repress

Damn need all these for the Conway collection but pic disc? Bleh.....

Has to be something with the rights, correct? Otherwise can't imagine DRW is willingly only doing pic discs
God damnit, brain! Stop reading this as dic pics *shakes fist*


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May 15, 2019
Had to sell Covert Coup 😞 I left a job that was making me miserable and needed to soften the financial blow. Carrollton Heist and Tana Talk 3 might be next if things don't go well. I know a repress is coming but I can’t count on the drop going well for me or even having the funds for it. Boo.
Congratulations for making the decision to leave a toxic job - even if that means selling a few of your most precious records.
Life is worth far more than records (although it might seem different at times, looking at all these threads) and at least we're living in a digital age so you’re not completely missing out on the music.
I’m sure I’m talking for most of us by saying we should be able to try and go for a second copy if need be - just let us know.
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