All Things King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

If you haven't checked out Eye Like The Sky, it's a Western story narrated to music they did. I love it.

The back half of Eyes Like the Sky has instrumentation over narration. Whole album is kinda like a western.

Ah, beat me to it. The narrator was Broderick Smith, who did some music on his own.

OK, since I just listened to like 6 hours of Gizzard straight, you have to listen to this 9 minute long "punk" Spaghetti Western story.

anyone still need a Polygondwanaland and some coffee while you're at it?

I was looking through the gallery of a local club here in San Diego (Soda Bar) that has a capacity of under 250 people. They had two pictures from a King Gizzard show. These are from the 2016 show I'm assuming. since I found a video from 2015 linked below as well and they played here 2x. Been to a fair amount of shows at this club, but wish I had been there for one of these.



first time I saw them back in 2016 was at Baby's All Right, in Brooklyn which is a 250 capacity room .. it was nuts!!

it was also a 1am show after they played an earlier set at Bowery Ballroom in NYC which I didn't go to..