Q&A Thread for Todd Fink (The Faint, AotM Vol. 32)


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May 15, 2019
Left Coast
Hello everyone! I hope you've been following me over in the AotM Thread. Our Februrary 2022 AotM is The Faint's fourth album, Wet From Birth.


The singer of The Faint, Todd Fink, has graciously agreed to do a Q&A with Needles & Grooves members.

This thread will be used to compile questions, and eventually, have the Q&A posted. Please post any questions (or comments) you have.

Please ask whatever you want - but - please also be respectful.

I am unclear if I will do this Reddit AMA style or via phone/video. Stay tuned as I iron those details out. I expect this to take place sometime in early February.

Thanks in advance for your participation! I am very excited for this.
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Lee Newman

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May 15, 2019
If you could play a show with any other band from all of history, which band would it be?

What are your top five albums, all time?

What would be your last meal?

Robot or human?

Bonus round:
How many feathers are on a Purdue chicken?
How many fibers are intertwined in a shredded wheat biscuit?
What does “Toosh Et Leleh Poo” mean?
How many times did the Batmobile catch a flat?


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May 15, 2019
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1. How did you all approach the electronics on this album? Were they programmed in the machine, were they pre-programmed and fed into the machine, or were they played live?

2. When I first bought Danse Macabre, it was almost a year after buying the vinyl that I discovered there was a different track listing for the CD version. Was that intentional and which track listing do you prefer?

3. Are your songs meant to be taken as individual pieces, or would you prefer listeners take an album as a whole?

4. Why is Blank Wave Arcade so hard to get on vinyl, and will there be another reissue of it at some point in the near future?

5. If you could curate one album for Needles & Grooves record of the month, other than your own, what album would you pick and why?