Needles & Grooves AoTM /// Vol. 15 - September 2020 /// AARP Edition! Win A Prize Box!

Yer Ol' Uncle D

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May 15, 2019
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Here we go - N&G AoTM - AARP style.

Think of this month as your weird uncle trapping you in a room at a family reunion and making you listen to one of his favorite records, except your weird uncle is actually pretty cool as fuck.

I'll give clues about the artist and record. Y'all will guess and stuff. We'll all have fun. FUN!

PRIZE PACKAGE! - I'll award a prize package to a member chosen at random at the end of the month. This will be a fabulous parcel that could contain anything and everything from vinyl to CD's to music related items to Arby's coupons to my 2020 Census for you to complete. It will be absolutely thrilling for the recipient!

How do you win? Here's how -

You get an entry for making a guess at the record. To make the odds fair, it's one entry per contestant so 75 guesses = 1 entry.

You can gain another entry in the drawing by buying this months record direct from the artist. I'll post a link upon reveal and everyone, even my international friends, will have the chance to purchase from the artist with very economical pricing and shipping. One thing I feel strongly about - helping out the artist in any way possible. Everyone has an opportunity to do that this month. Just shoot me a screen shot of your purchase for a second, potentially life-changing entry. If it's easier for you to buy from your local or another outlet, you know that's totally cool. Supporting those folks is important too. Ultimately, the gist here is getting a record sold, putting it on your turntable and making you a happier listener for it.

If you're the first to correctly guess the record, you'll gain a third possible entry that has the potential to spin the world off it's axis.

Welp, that's about it for now.

It's N&G AoTM Volume 15! Have fun, kids!

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Yer Ol' Uncle D

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May 15, 2019
Left Of The Dial
As expected on this forum, y'all have chosen some outstanding records.

Stabs taken -

@Tyr - Little Walter Hate To See You Go
@Lee Newman - Steve Jordan/Mix Master Mike Beat Odyssey 2020
@Waitressboy - Hanson Middle Of Nowhere The Greatest Hits
@bettim84 - Buddy Guy Sweet Tea
@NewsFedora - Cowboy Bebop Original Soundtrack, Back To The Future Original Soundtrack
@Skalap - Evanescence Fallen
@duke86fan - Eminem The Eminem Show
@supahypeag - Warren Zevon Excitable Boy, Marcus King Eldorado
@johnpisme - Boz Scaggs Mrmphis
@Mr Moore - Black Diamond Heavies Every Damn Time
@ranbalam - Nikki Sudden Treasure Island
@GarbageInGarbageOut - Masked Intruder III
@DMacanT - Bob Mould Blue Hearts
@MadLucas - Tom Waits Bad As Me
@ByersVinyl - Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works 1
@scotthilk - The Lumineers Cleopatra

8-8-20 Updates
@Mr Moore - Rory Gallagher Photo-Finish
@Lee Newman - Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires Dereconstructed
@Sonicpharmacist - Jeff Beck Beck-Ola
@Poly-Rythmo - Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires There Is A Bomb In Gilead
@Murfocakes - Robert Cray ?
@Joe Mac - Damien Marley Welcome To Jamrock
@Skalap - Gong You
@Mr Moore - A Reggae Tribute To The Rolling Stones
@blissfullychaotic - Bad Brains God Of Love
@DMacanT - Seasick Steve You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Trickes
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