Introducing 'Indiecent Exposure'.... an indie label giveaway!

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May 20, 2019
Hey Everyone!

We've got an announcement to make!

Over the next few months we plan on hooking up with some independent labels to do a giveaway of some records. It'll be easy to enter, just fill in a short google form which asks for your username and address details and then comment that you've done so in the competition thread. To be eligible to enter all you need is to have a post count of at least 10 and an avatar on your forum profile, if you don't have one yet then head over to this thread and someone can choose you one! The winner will be selected randomly and the label will send you a record from their back catalogue.

Some months, including this one, will be only available for US members because some of the labels who are getting on board are small and international shipping is expensive. To compensate though we have some non US labels lined up for future competitions that will be dedicated to our international members.

We are going to invite the labels to write a little bit about themselves and why they have chosen the record they have. Hopefully they'll come on the forum and post this themselves, but that'll depend on whether the labels are up for doing that.

Our first label who agreed to help us out is the awesome Dome Of Doom. I say awesome because they have said we can have five records!!! So that means this month we will have five winners. You've got two weeks to enter and so head over to the competition thread in the General section here and throw your name into the hat. We'll announce what the record is when we announce the winners of the competition. Good luck!

To be clear, the labels have not asked us for anything, we are not obliged to promote them or do anything for them and the admins are not being remunerated in any way. We wanted to do something cool for the community and thought, hey, who doesn't like free stuff and so have reached out and asked some folks if they'd sponsor our forum by giving you guys a record. Happily we've had some really positive responses.

Oh and your personal details will not be shared with anyone and deleted each month after the winners have been announced.
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