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    Vinyl Me Please Anthology

    Either own or have routinely passed on these except for Without a Net. I was real worried I'd spend the evening talking myself into this. Still, for that much money, I'd recommend collecting a few live shows/comps for roughly the same price: Live Dead Europe 72 (and Vol. 2 if you can find it...
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    Vinyl Me Please Rap & Hip Hop

    Thanks! For whatever reason, I've never noticed that section.
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    Vinyl Me Please Rap & Hip Hop

    Sorry if there's a better place to post this, but I've been looking for VMP's Handsome Boy Modeling School for a minute. Looking to either trade or buy if anyone's looking to offload theirs. Got a trade list here of the records I'm planning to sell/trade in. I haven't gotten a chance to add...
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    Pre-Order Thread

    Santana's Supernatural getting a repress, due out 8/2.
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    Vinyl Me Please Essentials

    Whether it is or not, this is getting reissued in August.