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  1. Mrjay07

    Mods & Plods

    I've just dipped my toes into a cheap modification to the Rega P3 by purchasing an Achromat. It's done what they said it would. Tighter bass, better mid and high end separation. It got me wondering what are other Mods that you've all tried and what are the Plods. The ones that were a bust. Any...
  2. Mrjay07

    Bloody Brilliant Beck!

    I love Beck! For me, he's the closest thing to Bowie. Every record changes style. His music can be beautiful and tender or grab you by the balls and get you on the dance floor. I love the fact his music is better suited to playing on records with its depth, multi-layered wall of sounds, and that...
  3. Mrjay07

    Definitive Audiophile pressings

    Hey All, I've got a couple of pre-orders coming in a few weeks. They're Definitive Audiophile pressings of Getz/Gilbert & Coltrane Love Supreme. Has anyone got records from DA? Are they worth double the money of standard 180g newish pressings? I'd hate to think it was a massive con. In my head...
  4. Mrjay07

    Moon Audio

    Hey guys. Looking to see if anyone here has had experience with the Moon 310lp phono and 240i integrated amp. My Cambridge CXA80 is going in for repair again, for the 2nd time in a year, and I think it may be time to choose whether to upgrade my amp or to keep the amp and upgrade my lovely...
  5. Mrjay07

    Gang of Youth VMP

    Has anyone here got a copy of VMP's Gang of Youths Go farther...record? I was wondering what the pressing was like or if there were any known issues. I'm about to spend £60 to get one through Discogs. Didn't want to spend that much to find it wasn't one of their better limited edition pressing...
  6. Mrjay07

    Budget table recommendations

    Morning all! Hope Xmas is treating you all kindly!! I've finally convinced a very good friend, with exceptional musical taste, to get into the wonderful world of vinyl. I have a Rega P3 with Exact 2 cart but she doesn't want to spend that much. Other than suggesting the P1 or P2, based on What...